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of park city (formerly Bryant Massage)
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Review by Ander Mirambell, Skeleton Olympian 2010, Spain

Hello everybody, I just one to want to write a few lines about my experience with this family.

The first time I met Allan was before a competition in Park city. I had a problem in my hamstring and I just want to find some one to help me. He help me a lot, make a good job to recover and be able to race in two days.

I took his business card and now Sarah and Allan are part of my team.

The last races in Park city (Skeleton World Cup), we worked together in the recovery area. Last time we worked together was during the Olympic training camp, one week before the Olympics in Vancouver. He was at the track and after every session we work with the different massage, it depends of the program.

Sarah and Allan, made a good job, I just want to give thanks...and the people who read it, just try and decide how they work. I feel sure, because I know that in Park city I will have one of the best professional I meet in my sports life.

Thanks for all and see you next time at the Olympic Park in Park City.

Ander Mirambell

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James E.
Scottsdale, AZ
8/15/2010 Allan and Sarah Bryant will come to your hotel, condo, timeshare or rental unit, in the Park City area. We got a couple's massage that was out of this world (and my wife gets massages almost weekly). Their rates were extremely reasonable, and their practice is to give you the full 60 (or 90) minutes you pay for, arriving early to set up, and taking down their tables after your full time is up. Their rates were so reasonable, we elected to pay cash rather than see them pay credit card fees. This is NOT your typical "we'll never see you again" type of massage you get at many resorts, but one where they treated you as though you were their Number One repeat client. And we will repeat with them the next time we visit Park City. They even helped move and replace furniture to make room for their tables in our living room. Check out their website for details. You will be 100% satisfied.

Fantastic professionals!
By sanae - Dec 7, 2009
I book appointments with Allan or Sarah (they're both superb!) whenever I'm on vacation in Park City. Their massages rival any I've had in high end resorts, big city hotels or even at home in NYC.
Marie 10/09/2010
Allan and Sarah are the best! I've been getting massages from them in Park City for years. They are delightful, highly trained professionals in every way, from equipment to technique. They work out those kinks you get from those first few days of plowing through the champagne powder. Before you know it, you're just melting into the table, releasing tension in your neck, shoulders, and back. Suddenly, your legs feel good again. A Bryant massage is the best way to relax and rejuvenate.